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Classic fundraising tree - Small fundraising tree shown installed in the reception area of a charity headquarters

Welcome to the Fundraising Tree Company website. Discover what a fundraising tree or panel is, what makes us unique, and and how you can benefit from introducing this valuable fundraising resource within your organisation

Charities in the UK already using trees for fundraising

Woodlands Hospice Charitable Trust

Woodlands Hospice reward donations of £1,000 or more with a leaf on their tree

Demelza Hospice Care

Demelza raise between £50 and £500 in donations for each leaf per year.

St Elizabeth Hospice

St Elizabeth dedicates leaves to loved ones annually between £100 and £1,000 each.

Ellinor Lions Hospices

Ellinor celebrates the lives of those cared for with leaves on their tree for £85 each year.

Trinity Hospice

Trinity Hospice  encourage donations of £10 per month or £120 per annum.

Plus many more

We haven't spoken directly with the charities listed here and have no connection with them. Most purchased a very expensive tree from a US manufacturer. We hope to change all that with our newly lauched product range, so look forward to hearing of our own clients success stories soon.

We would encourage you to speak to charities already operating this kind of fundraising scheme for the typical start-up and ongoing cost as well as the revenues generated.

What is a fundraising tree?

Fundraising trees, sometimes referred to as memory trees, are used by charities and other fund-raising groups to offer a tangible acknowledgement of a donor's contribution to their organisation.

The tree symbolises growth and endurance, qualities a charity can associate with and use to promote fundraising - an enduring legacy, with contributions growing the tree, if you will.

The tree is normally installed in a prominent position in an organisation's premises, both as an acknowledgement of the donation and as an encouragement for visitors to participate in the fund-raising scheme.

The shape of the tree is created using small engraved leaves, each bearing the details of the contributor or a dedication to someone helped or connected to the charity or fund-raising group. The tree starts bare of leaves, and added to as contributions are made, so it is an obvious way to measure success and generate enthusiasm both internally and with promotional work.

How much does a single tree raise in donations?

The tree is intended to generate income annually, with prices per leaf set by the individual charity. Different leaf colours can differentiate contributions in a mixed pricing scenario.

Our standard board has 114 leaves, with larger boards available containing up to 283 leaves. Let's use an example pricing structure to work out an annual income:

Board Size Number of leaves Average cost per leaf Total
Small 114 £120 £13,680
Standard 162 £150 £24,300
Large 219 £180 £39,420
Extra-large 283 £200 £56,600

Don't forget that you can have more than one tree. Use trees in each of your locations, and if you have the space, install several boards at a single site.

Find out more about our range of trees in Our Products section.

What's unique about our trees?

Our fund-raising trees are designed with edge-lit engraved acrylic for a truly eye-catching display. Our standard size is slightly wider than an average door so will fit almost anywhere.

The panel is simple to install and require no surface preparation or changes to your premises. They are self illuminating and require no additional lighting. We can take care of everything, from installation to the ongoing supply of engraved leaves.

Does it have to be a tree?

This is the first panel we've designed, and we've just launched our service. We can create panels and engraved plaques using other shapes, such as balloons, hearts, teddy bears or any other simple recognisable shape that you can imagine that might be meaningful to your organisation.

In fact, we invite you to come up with ideas. If we like your suggestion, we'll design it for no extra charge and add it to the list of products we already have, for the benefit of other fundraising groups.

What makes us different?

We are one of only a very few European suppliers of this kind of product, and the only one to let you know up-front how much it costs. We keep our pricing related to the costs of manufacture and not the anticipated revenue generated.

Take a tour of this site to find out what we offer, what we can do if you need it, and all technical details you'll need to consider when planning your project. If you need more information, use the contact details at the bottom of the page and we'll try to help.

Find out more

Our Products

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Products - Closeup view of the CNC milling operation of panels during manufacture


Your new tree doesn't have leaves yet, but we've made it easy for you to add them as you receive donations. We use a laser to engrave and cut plaques at the same time, and supply these as you need them in the colour you require and complete with engraved details.

Engraving - Closeup of silver leaves


See page for details

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Whether you are visiting us for the first time, considering making an order, or have already placed an order with us, you'll find resources here including our contact details and form, guides on order processing and delivery and our official terms and conditions. Please contact us if you need help with anything not covered by these resources.

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